Energy Trust is taking a close look at the Commercial Energy Assessors duties, skills and opportunities. You will find out how the NDEA’s job looks like and why it might be an exciting career path.

Commercial Energy Assessors or Non Domestic Energy Advisors (NDEA’s) are professionals providing green economy sector services to the architects and other industries. NDEA can perform a detailed energy assessment of the building and provide the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) that indicates how energy efficient the site is. It is easy to guess that NDEA’s are assessing mostly the commercial building rather than private properties which makes their job character slightly different than DEA professionals (Domestic Energy Assessors).

This job might be very regarding for person that values the environment and looking for well paid employment/freelancing opportunities. NDEA’s are often responsible for assessing really big buildings with high energy consumption therefore making a big impact on environment. It might feel very rewarding to be able to make such important and beneficial decisions.

Your building assessment duties will include:

  • Evaluation of the data on age, number of floors and building type
  • the number and size of rooms and windows
  • heating systems detailed analysis
  • data input and EPC software use

Senior Commercial Energy Assessors can earn around £30 000 per year or more and look for expanding their certification range into other fields which will open a whole range of new opportunities.

Candidates looking for the career as a Commercial Energy Assessor will have excellent spoken and written communicational skills in order to be able to work with variety of clients at many different professional (and non-professional) levels. They will also be detail focused which will allow them to create in-depth EPCs and give relevant energy saving advice.

In order to become NDEA you will have to pass a Level 3 Certificate in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment and be registered with a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) approved accreditation scheme.

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