Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

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Photovoltaic solar panels, sometimes referred to as Solar PV, are the primary solution for households and businesses to generate solar electricity. If you are looking to generate hot water then please look at our Solar Hot Water Information below

Investing in solar photovoltaic panels to generate much, if not all, of your electricity needs has never made more sense than it does right now.  The new Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme means that you will be paid for the solar electricity you generate, whether you use it or not.

Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Panels!

             No need for direct sunlight so power is supplied all year around

             No maintenance required with expected solar system lifetimes of 30+ years

             Reduce your electricity bills by up to 100%

             Get paid to use your electricity through the FIT scheme

             Earn even more by selling any surplus back to the national grid at higher rates

             Solar panels increase the value of your property

             No planning permission is needed to install solar panels

             Reduce your carbon footprint with typical C02 reductions of 1.4 tonnes per year

Are Photovoltaic Solar Panels Suitable for Me?

Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed to almost any house, they do require significant roof space.

What are the Costs and Savings Involved?

The financial benefits and initial costs for your solar photovoltaic system depends greatly on the size of the system that you require. Examples of standard systems can be found on Solar Prices & Savings below.

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In the current climate using a renewable electricity solution like solar photovoltaic panels makes total sense as it dramatically reduces your C02 emissions as well as making sense financially as traditional energy prices increase year on year. To be eligible for these feed in tariffs your solar systems has to be installed by a registered MCS solar panel installer.

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Solar PV Installation 

Solar Panel Prices and Savings

The costs and savings that are associated with installing either Photovoltaic Solar Panels and/or a Solar Heating System are dependant on the quality of the system you choose to install as well your own power requirements. A high quality system from us, using the best solar panels and equipment available, starts for as little as £8000 and means you can take advantage of the feed-in tariff.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

A typical domestic photovoltaic system producing 1.85kWp from a 10 panel system has a life expectancy of between 30 and 40 years. Based on these figures, as you can see below, you could recoup all of your initial cost in 12-15 years leaving you to reap the rewards of forward thinking.

             1st Year Income from Feed in Tariff = £636.85

             Fuel Bill Savings (Assuming British Gas as Supplier) = £159.13 per year

             Total Income & Savings = £795.98 each year

The government has guaranteed the feed-in tariff scheme will run for at least the next 25 years and is index linked so you will have a potential £47,498 tax free (taking into account indexed linking) in income and savings.

You can further increase your savings and yearly income by installing a larger home PV system. For example installing a 22 panel solar system producing 4.04kWp of output would over the guaranteed life of the feed-in tariff bring in a potential of £104.515 tax free (taking into account index linking) & leaving you in profit in less than 10 years.

             1st Year Income from Feed in Tariff = £1400

             Fuel Bill Savings (Assuming British Gas as Supplier) = £350 per year

             Total Income & Savings = £1750 each year

Solar Hot Water Systems

These systems are available at a much lower cost than the solar electric systems coming in on average between £6000 and £9000. Currently without the same type of Solar Grants available they seem financially less attractive in the long run but with renewable heat incentives due in 2011 and grants still available for installation reducing the initial cost by £400 the time is right to get a solar hot water system installed and take advantage of both grants.

             Average Heating Bill Savings = £75 per year

             Typical RHI Payment = £350 income per year

             Total Income & Savings = £

425 each year

This means that under these figures a £3000 system will have paid for itself in just over 7 years leaving you making a yearly profit for the remainder of the solar hot water systems life (25+ years).

All this means that if you had both solar photovoltaic panels and a solar hot water system you could not only hugely reduce your carbon footprint while saving on your household bills plus get a tax free income for the next 25 years. Who wouldn't mind going on a holiday knowing that it has been paid for but just using solar electricity and heating in your own home



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