EPCs within the Housing Market

EPCs have been necessary for the sale or rent of any property for over a decade now. Recently, they are moving more and more into the limelight with major energy efficiency initiatives going on across the country. Now, they are not only facilitating the sale of domestic houses, but also influencing the price they sell at.

How do they affect the value of properties?

House buyers may know what they want when it comes to the energy performance of potential homes. They’re looking for buildings which are well insulated, warm and cheap to run. This has meant that houses with higher ratings (A/B band properties) are particularly sought after, which therefore makes them more valuable. In certain areas, an increase from a G rating to an A or B rating can increase the asking price by up to 14%. 



Money Supermarket have published an interesting article which includes guidance on improving your home value through energy efficiency. The article can be viewed by clicking this link.

Each and every EPC providing this information is created and lodged by a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA), and as the EPC continues to move towards the forefront of the housing market, the focus for these assessors is only increasing. If you are interested in becoming a qualified DEA yourself, or would simply like to find out what exactly the process of Energy Assessment really involves, then please consider our DEA Courses. You can book online or call 0333 012 0002 to reserve your space. 

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