Section 63 Advisor Training (Scotland)

Train to become a Section 63 Advisor! Section 63 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act (CCSA) 2009 specifies that a qualifying non-domestic building will require an assessment of its energy performance and emissions to be undertaken. In addition, where appropriate, the owner will be required to take steps to improve their building.

The assessment utilises data from a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), lodged to the Scottish EPC Register (SEPCR), and produces an Action Plan setting out emissions and energy performance targets, the improvement measures identified to meet those targets and the route of action the building owner will take as a result.

The Action Plan will also identify whether the owner intends to implement the improvement measures within the timescale defined under regulations (3.5 years) or whether implementation will be deferred by the reporting on annual operational energy use by producing an annual DEC (Display Energy Certificate)

Whilst it is not a requirement that a Section 63 Advisor must also be a DEC Assessor, it is likely that a single individual may often offer all three services – EPC Assessor, Section 63 Advisor and DEC Assessor – to building owners.

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