Air Conditioning Energy Assessor Training

All air-conditioning systems with an effective rated output greater than 12 kW must now have their energy efficiency assessed, at least every five years. If you control the technical operation of an air-conditioning system, you are responsible for obtaining an assessment report:

• by 4 January 2011 if it is larger than 12 kW,
• by 4 January 2009 if it is larger than 250 kW,
• within five years if it was installed on or after 1 January 2008

The assessment must be carried out by an accredited Air-Conditioning Energy Assessor. Accreditation ensures that the Assessors are professional, competent and adequately insured for the work.

You will receive a report from the assessment which includes recommendations for steps you could take to improve the efficiency of your system. These might range from improvements to the maintenance regime, through changes to the way the system is operated, to recommendations on the specification of a new or replacement system.

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