The Sun Newspaper Headlines the Green Deal Scheme Posted by Richard Elton 2013 Apr

‘Discover a New way to cut your Energy Bills’ was a headline today featured in The Sun Newspaper detailing news of the Green Deal and benefits to all home owners.

The Sun comments: ‘The Government has come up with a new solution to help you keep the heat in your home where you need it, without spending a fortune.

The Green Deal is a scheme to help you save money while making your home more energy efficient with improvements such as better insulation and more efficient heating. It includes up to 45 different types of home improvements, from draught proofing to waste water heat recovery devices. You can receive cash back on many of the measures and if you need to take out finance to get the work done, you can repay the loan through your electricity bills without adding to them.’

The article includes ‘6 Great Steps’ to the Green Deal and looks at ‘how much you could save’. To read the article in full visit:


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