Who are Green Deal Installers? Posted by Richard Elton 2015 May

Amongst many other Green Deal courses, Energy Trust trains qualified Green Deal Installers and Technicians. Accredited GDI’s implement the plans provided by Green Deal Advisors, making environmentally friendly alternations in the properties. A Green Deal Plan outlines to property owners the option to install energy efficiency measures which are paid through the energy savings via the administrative bodies.

Installers holding Green Deal accreditation must meet the standards outlined in PAS2030 which is widely known set of quality standards, essential for the candidate to meet.

GDIs are required e.g. when:

  • Solar PV is installed (FiT)
  • Solar Thermal & Heat Pumps are installed (RHI)
  • Green Deal Home Improvement Fund changes are being implemented (GDHIF)

According to, in order to complete their Green Deal application process amongst others, householders need to Receive a quote from a GDHIF registered installer or provider for work specified on the GDAR or EPC and included on the list of GDHIF approved measures.

It is important for the household owner to know that, only an authorized Green Deal Installer can perform and installation of energy efficiency improvements under the Green Deal finance mechanism. Installers might specialize in variety of fields such as solar panels, heating or solid wall insulations. 

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