How does domestic energy advisor job look like? Posted by Richard Elton 2015 May

At Energy Trust we offer a wide range Energy Assessor courses. Here is what you could do on a daily basis as a Domestic Energy Assessor.

DEAs are required when:

  • A dwelling is sold or rented
  • It is part of a Green Deal Advice Report
  • Solar PV is installed (FiT)
  • Solar Thermal & Heat Pumps are installed (RHI)
  • There is a survey for ECO funds
  • Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF)

As a DEA you will carry out the daily inspections of private properties and collect information such as the age, number of floors, building type, heating and hot water systems, number and sizes of rooms, corridors, windows and fireplaces and similar. You will then input all the relevant variables to the computer software in order to produce an energy efficiency rating and an EPC.

You will be able to explain the efficiency ratings to homeowners and give them practical advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

You should be able to choose between full time or part time work and work as a freelancer or for the chosen company estate agents, EPC providers and energy retailers.

The DEA job is highly rewarding with opportunity to forge an interesting and highly lucrative career.

Feel free to read more about the DEA courses here:

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