Third round of Green Deal Home Improvement fund Posted by Richard Elton 2015 Mar

According to the recent press release another round of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) is on its way. Department of Energy & Climate Change just published the official information about upcoming funding opportunities.

GDHIF allows home owners in England and Wales to apply for the funding up to £5600 investment to decrease or even fully cover the cost of installing certain energy saving measures such as solid wall insulation, double glazing, boilers, cavity wall and floor insulation. This time GDHIF offers home owners £70 million investments.

“We’re helping families keep warmer for less – driving bills down by encouraging more competition between energy suppliers and making over one million homes more energy efficient.”

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey

The information about, how to apply and the requirements are available in our “Green Deal” section and partially in the press release itself.

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund helped already over 25 000 households in UK since summer 2014 and the numbers continue to grow. According to the press release:

“Domestic energy customers will be able to receive:

  • up to £3750 for installing solid wall insulation;
  • and/or up to £1250 for installing two measures from an approved list;
  • up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment;
  • up to £500 more if applying within 12 months of buying a new home.”

Green Deal scheme offers mutual benefit to the home owners and in a long run, also the government. Energy spend savings are being calculated in hundreds thousands of pounds.

According to Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd:

“This winter the government has helped people save money while keeping warm - taking an average of £50 off household bills and making it quicker and easier to switch supplier. But to cut bills every winter people need to use less energy.”



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