e-Certificates from City & Guilds now available! Posted by Richard Elton 2014 May

What are e-Certificates?

e-Certificates is a new service offered by City & Guilds which enables centres to view and download electronic PDF versions of certificates 24 hours after the results are published. Centres will be able to access verifiable electronic copies of all certificates issued from 1 April 2013.  

Will e-Certificates replace print certificates?

No, we will still continue to send out printed copies of certificates. 

Do e-Certificates comply with Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition?

Yes e-Certificates comply with the requirements set out in Conditions I3 ‘Design and content of certificates’ and I4 ‘Issuing certificates and replacement certificates.’

Are e-Certificates secure and how can they be verified?

e-Certificates are secure. Each e-Certificate is issued with a unique QR code (a two dimensional barcode) and a certificate authentication code linked to the learner’s name. The authenticity of an e-Certificate can be checked and assured by either:

  • Scanning the QR code on the certificate using a QR reader and following the on-screen prompt or
  • By visiting the e-Certificate verification web page and manually entering the learner name and certificate authentication code.

The benefits for our students

Instead of waiting 7-14 days for a certificate to arrive in the post our candidates receive their e-Certificates within 24 hours of completing the qualification. This means a candidate can get accredited and operational in a matter of days instead of weeks.

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