Latest Green Deal Assessment research shows over eighty per cent of people will take action Posted by Richard Elton 2013 Dec

The latest research on consumer reaction to the Green Deal, ‘Wave Three’, is published today and shows:

  • 81 per cent of households intend to or have already had at least one recommended measure installed: (65 per cent have had work carried out, six per cent are in the process of installing improvements, and a further 10 per cent intend to install at least one recommended measure);

  • 78 per cent found the assessment useful, 78 per cent had confidence in recommendations by the assessor, and 76per cent said they would recommend a green deal assessment to a friend; and

  • when households were asked how they paid for measures, energy company funding (ECO) was mentioned in 22 per cent of cases, with local authority funding (16 per cent), provider/installer finance (13 per cent) and savings and regular income (11 per cent) being the other most common means of payment

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