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UK Legislation requires millions of EPCs to be produced each year!

Whether you want to work for an Energy Assessing Company, Estate Agent, Solar Installation Company, or start your own practice as an Energy Management Consultant working part or full time there are many opportunities to maximise your earning potential and do your bit for the environment.

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Earning Potential Once Qualified with 

Energy Trust has partnered up with ‘Easy EPC’ for great post training work Opportunities.

Once you have completed a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA), Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) or a Green Deal Advisor (GDA) qualification register FREE with Easy EPC who can potentially provide our qualified candidates with a regular flow of weekly work.

Easy EPC can also mentor you through the early stages of your career. 

What opportunities can EASY EPC offer: 

  • If you are a qualified DEA than you could earn between £32 - £45 + VAT per job
  • If you a qualified NDEA than you could earn between £90 - £1000 + VAT per job
  • If you are a qualified GDA than you could earn between £60 - £100 + VAT per job

A recently trained candidate comments: "Since qualifying through Energy Trust early this year Easy EPC have provided me at least 4 commercial Jobs a week.
    They also helped me get to grips with the lodging process of each EPC. As the projects that I have been taking on have increased in complexity they have also helped me over the phone with any questions I might have."

For more information once qualified visit: or call 0845 409 8439







Energy Trust provided a concise, interesting and informative course which covered all aspects of Energy Performance Certificates. No matter your level of understanding they make it easy to follow and are very helpful with all...
Sarah Robinson -
Thank you for your personalised and informative course. The fact I was able to take my exam during the course and to produce my portfolio online has really taken the stress out of training. Having...
Stuart Childs -

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