Green Deal Advisor Training Courses (GDA)


From October 2012 the UK Government introduced legislation to to make it possible for millions of homes and businesses to have energy efficiency improvements, such as:
Cavity Wall Insulation- Solid Wall Insulation - Loft insulation - Flat roof insulation - Condensing Boilers - Draught Proofing - Floor Insulation - Double Glazing - Solar Thermal Panels - Photovoltaic PV Panels - Under-Floor Heating - Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps -  Biomass Boilers.

All at no up front cost to the home owner!

The Green Deal for homes is not means tested and any adverse credit history will not be a problem. 
The Green Deal Scheme is a way of making your property more energy efficient and getting Green Deal Advice.
Only Green Deal approved Green Deal Installers can fit Green Deal Recommendations.
A Green Deal Installation can only be carried out after a Green Deal Report is produced by a Qualified Green Deal Advisor.

The Government is committed to upgrade 14 million homes by 2020

Step 1 of the Green Deal:  

A detailed Green Deal Assessment using an EPC will be made of the property. Advice will be given by a Qualified Green Deal Advisor. A Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) will be given to the homeowner and a Green Deal Plan will be compiled. 

Step 2 of the Green Deal:

Once the Green Deal Plan is in place you can instruct a Green Deal Provider to give you access to your Green Deal Finance. The Green Deal Provider will pay your Green Deal Finance directly to your chosen Green Deal Installer, They will  have to install your energy efficiency recommendations in accordance with a strict Green Deal Code of Practice. 

Step 3 of the Green Deal:

Once your Green Deal Provider has your Green Deal Finance in place a Green Deal Installer to commence Green Deal improvements on your property. The Green Deal Provider will pay the Green Deal Installer and/or Advisor directly.

Which is the right course for me?

Distance Learning

This course is available as a distance learning programme. You will be given access to our unique online learning environment so you can study from anywhere in the world at your own pace. You will be assigned your own personal mentor who will guide you through the entire qualification process.

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3 Day Course

This course is designed for individuals who already hold the Domestic Energy Assessor qualification. This course will teach you how to carry out an occupancy assessment of a building and produce the required Green Deal Advice Report.

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8 Day Course

This Course is designed for new entrants into the Green Deal industry and covers the basics from producing an Energy Performance certificate, carrying out an occupancy assessment and producing the Green Deal Advice report. It includes both the DEA and GDA qualifications combined.

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